How to Chose a Bonus Team

Are you thinking of joining a team for the Team Bonus? Great! But first, answer a few questions to find the right team for you. You also need to be approved by the team leader before joining, so keep that in mind as you do research.

Do you know the Team Leader?

You may have heard of the team leader or seen them on the leaderboard for bonuses. This is great, but it’s even better if you know the team leader. Consider sending them an email to introduce yourself and learn more about them before requesting to join their team.

How many team members are there?

The number of people on a team greatly affects the bonus. Team members are the difference between earning a bonus or not and how many people the bonus is split by. How many team members are you willing to depend on? How big of a bonus do you want?

What’s the team’s history?

Thanks to leaderboards, it’s easy to find out a lot about a team. Do your research to see how often a team earns a bonus and how many members are qualified. This information will give you a hint of what is in store for you.


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