Setting Goals

Anyone interested in GDI would like to be successful, but what does successful look like to you? It’s important to set goals to drive you forward and also help gauge your progress. GDI offers a lot of incentives that can double as goals like our Learning Bonus, Team Bonus, and Duplication Bonus. Achieve these for monetary rewards and to establish yourself as an affiliate.

 To Get Started:

Think about what exactly you would like to achieve as an affiliate. Do you want to build a popular WebSite? Earn a little extra cash? Or build income for life? These are your big long term goals, write them down and check in every month to see how you are progressing to them. Also set short term goals, like getting one new signup via Facebook posts or adding a new blog post each week. It’s important to have achievable goals and reach goals to keep you focused and on track.

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