GDI Around the World: Helpful Tips

Around6Our newest contest launched on Monday. You can find full rules HERE. Below you’ll find a few tips to ensure your submission is counted and has a chance to win.

Stay Away from Photoshop

We want you to show the world just how many places you can be from and work from as a GDI affiliate. This means taking a picture with your sign while you’re somewhere you want to show off. So print out your sign, hold it up and snap a picture. Don’t reuse old photos and edit the banner in, we want the real deal.

Submit Again and Again

There’s no limit to the places you can work from and there’s no limit to how many pins you can submit. If you have five different places you want to show off, take a picture in all of them and pin them to share. If you have just one special place, that works too. Just keep sharing.

Your Board and Letting Us Know

Create a board of your own titled “GDI Around the World.” First log in to Pinterest and load your pin to this board and then let us know on Facebook or Twitter that you’ve added this new pin. We will check it out and decide if it’s worthy of a repin on GDICorporate’s “GDI Around the World Board.” Remember, to ensure your pin is eligible it must be a real picture with the banner in it. We’re proud of your Photoshop skills, but now is not the time to show them off.

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