Five Questions

You just became an affiliate with GDI, now what? It’s time to ask yourself some serious questions. These five questions will help set you on the right track!

  1. What am I trying to accomplish? Why did you join GDI? To earn extra income? Utilize the domain? Addressing why you joined in the first place will help you to set goals and stay focused.
  2. How much time am I willing to give to build my team? Allocate set blocks of time to building your business. Whether it’s just a few hours a week or a few days make sure time is scheduled solely for GDI.
  3. How will I build my network? Who are going to reach out to? Will you use social media? Create a blog? Market offline? Create a plan of action to build your network.
  4. What will I use my domain for? GDI offers several options for your .WS domain. Learn more about them in your Members Area and get started.
  5. When will I know I have succeeded? In order to celebrate your successes, you need to know what they are. Set goals for WebSite hits, new teams members, and bonuses achieved. Celebrate each success and keep moving forward.

Now get started!



5 thoughts on “Five Questions”

  1. I need to unsubscribe and not pay any fees. Actually i have not used the systém but paid for nothing. Please arrange to reimburse my cost. Thanks

  2. The income opportunity is why I joined GDI. I was trying to accomplish making money online.

    My team uses a simple five year plan to build our networks. We recruit one person every month.

    The Income Calculator shows that 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 could generate $248,832 in residual income if the duplication continues through all five layers of your network.

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