Traditional WebSite vs. Simple WebSite

What do you think of when you hear “traditional website?” If you’re like most people, you imagine a website with several pages, photos, and information. To find more about the company behind the website, you search for an “about us” or “contact us” link, but that’s if you don’t get bored of lost first. Social media news blog, Mashable, recently discussed in this article the need for a website that is simple and gets to the point. Too often people visit websites that don’t give them any information or a call to action. As a result visitors don’t get the information they need and never return.

How do you create a stand alone site and avoid these problems? One: keep is simple. Two: be up front.

Keep It Simple

When someone visits your site, they should be able to easily navigate to what they need or find it when the first visit. To offer this, you need to keep your site simple. This means a clean easy to follow layout that shows visitors exactly what you have to offer. Your website can be just one page and achieve all of your goals.

Have your most relevant information on the front page of your site and a way for people to get in contact with you. Don’t send visitors searching all over your site to get in touch with you to learn more.

Be Up Front

What do you want to get from your visitors? Ask yourself this question then design your website around this. If you are aiming to build your affiliate network, write about this and what people can gain. Share videos explaining this and how people can get started. You need to think of your endgame to design your website and be honest about it. Leading people all over your site and not answering questions is a sure way to lose them.

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