Promote the Weekly Superstars Bonus; Grow Your Team

We announced the changes to our Weekly Superstars Bonus this week; changes that will help more affiliates achieve the bonus. This isn’t just great news for you, but also for any potential downline members. The expansion of the bonus to all active affiliates is exciting and should be shared with anyone interested in GDI. Here are three great points to add to your marketing.

Earn Cash Fast

Now every single active GDI affiliate is eligible for the bonus. This means that any affiliate that has converted from trial to active can start working towards the bonus. Brand new affiliates can get started right away and earn an unlimited number of $100 bonuses each week. This is a huge bonus in addition to the cash that can be earned through commissions.

Don’t Worry About Payment Details

The Weekly Superstars Bonus will now be paid out with your commissions each month. That means no worrying about PayPal and the information that goes with it. You bonus will be with your commissions each month. If an affiliate prefers to be paid out with Payza or PayPal, they must upgrade to a Premium affiliate and then chose to receive your bonuses through these services immediately.


The bonus is unlimited! We’re not just opening up a weekly $100 bonus to all active affiliates, but beyond that. Market to new prospects just how big payouts can now be from day one.

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