GDI’s Blogging Options

Blogging is a powerful way to share content, connect with visitors, and promote your GDI opportunity. Use your blog to talk about success and challenges, new marketing tactics, or just to share pictures and videos. Blog are easy to maintain and update. GDI offers three options for building and sharing your blog.

SiteBuilder Blog

If you want to create a blog but still create your WebSite with SiteBuilder, the SiteBuilder blog plugin is for you. Head to your SiteBuilder Main Menu and select the Plugins tab on the left hand side. Check the Active box to the right of the Blog plugin. You will then be prompted to name your blog. Once your blog is named you will be taken to the editor for your first post. Your blog is now ready to go!


You can edit, format, and publish blog posts with WordPress. You can customize your blog by adding new widgets or new themes. If you already have a WordPress blog, you can also easily move it to GDI.

To create a WordPress blog , log in to your Members Area and navigate to Plugins. Here you can activate your blog or create new ones. Once your blog is live take advantage of it by customizing it every way you can. Add plugins, manage widgets and play with themes. Once your blog looks the way you would like, utilize WordPress to its fullest by adding and scheduling posts, posting video and sharing photos. The possibilities with WordPress are endless! To get up to speed right away, watch our WordPress tutorial video above.


If you already have a blog with another service, you can still host it with GDI. GDI offers a hosting package that comes complete with FTP access, 1GB of storage space, and 100GB monthly bandwidth. By using GDI’s hosting you can keep your same blog, secure a better domain name and build income while you do it!

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