Looking Back on Your Business Plan from 2012

The end of the year is fast approaching; you should have a plan to work with it. The end of the year should mean assessing goals, plans, and progress from the past 12 months. Here is one breakdown to apply to your opportunity to see how far you’ve come this year and what you might need to change for the New Year.

Signs Ups and Bonuses

  1. How many new sign ups did you get this year?
  2. How many of those sign ups are still with you?
  3. The Learning Bonus launched in August, how many of your sign ups since then have achieved it?
  4. How far off are you from your Duplication Bonus
  5. What bonuses have you earned this year?

Time and Effort

  1. Did you have a business plan for 2012?
  2. On average, how much time did you spend on GDI weekly?
  3. How often did you market offline?
  4. What forms of marketing did you use online?
  5. How active were you on social media?
  6. How many times did you take a break from your business? For how long?

Education and Content

  1. How many tutorials have you watched?
  2. How many blogs posts have you read and shared?
  3. How often did you help your downline?
  4. How often did you update your blog or WebSite?
  5. Did you share your business plan with your downline members?

These questions are just a guideline to get you thinking about the progress of your opportunity this year. What questions help you reflect and set new goals?

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