Your Winning Advice: Round Two

This holiday season we’ve been asking for your advice. The GDI Big Tippers Contest launched at the beginning of November and offers 2 more chances to win $100. We just finished our second round and announced our top two winners Sarode Jiakngulueam and Kittitat Wasati. We want to take this opportunity to share their advice and share GDI’s take on it. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win by sharing your advice on our Facebook Page or tweeting us with it.

1. Be clear why I’m here. I just ask myself everyday and YES! GDI is the way to my dream. -Kittitat Wasati It’s a great idea to check in with yourself and your team to see why it is you’re building your business with GDI. What brought you to GDI in the first place? What keeps you here? The answer to these questions can provide the motivation you need and help you find the answers for your team. Have a conversation with yourself once a month to reset goals and brainstorm new plans and ideas.

2. Once you have members joining under you, you should be training them and helping them out. -Sarode Jiakngulueam We could not agree more with this advice! One of the big keys to success with GDI is helping others. The way your downline is set up makes it in your best interest to help those in your team. As your downline succeeds you succeed. Help your downline achieve success by being available, answering questions, and offering training in any way possible. Need more ideas for achieving this? Check out our past posts on the subject.

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