GDI Big Tippers Second Entry Period Voting

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GDI Big Tippers Second Entry Period -- Choose Your Favorite Tip!

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1. My tip is that everyone uses the FREE tools in Vista Print to share your online business and contact info. Vista print has some really cool tools that allow you to make online business cards and then help you promote them using social sites. Plus, it’s really simple. -Rob Dawson

2. Earn credibility (and an email list) as you carefully match your “promises” to the “reality” of what YOU AND GDI have to offer. For a helpful graphic, visit: -Keith Bless

3. Estamos aqui compartiendo una oportunidad desde la comodidad de nuestros hogares. -Marcia Amanta

4. My BIG TIP that must happen before you embark on anything you do, think as if it has happened, and think in the positive. Every day begin by telling yourself these things: I am healthy and happy. Wealth is pouring into my life. I am flowing on the river of wealth. I am getting wealthier each day. I am successful in everything I do. I radiate love and happiness and opportunity to others. -Lori Lawson Scott

5. Here’s my Simple Tip Sharing your achievements and experiences is the best way to build your network especially in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is better than promoting and selling. Ex. sharing your first earning with GDI such as the $25 learning bonus is good enough. -Aaron Mecua

6. The trick that we use , we emphasize the work is the team here we have the staff that loves us and take care us are like us are same family. We will advance to go to at the same time come to share one (part) of a family GDI already you are will lucky. -Cft ยัยตัวร้าย Jam

7. Many have no idea how to work with an affiliate or referral systems. Many others do not want to take risks in linking payment cards and online bank accounts, filling out forms at the end you say, “you agree to the terms and conditions of use” and not even know that they are accepting and discourages.
In that time the members may be forming, chat using GDI to create your social network then transformed into a business network long before joining the monetized system. They may also be time to suggest solutions to the payment and collection of future commissions since this varies according to country of residence.
For every person who registers their sponsor this system won a video translated into the language preferred to continue prospecting and thereby have a way to show how you can win if recommending. As you take confidence, people transferred to the system with their first contacts monetized its first line will also be convinced that decide to make money with GDI, and the latter with their contacts. -Fernando Silva

8. Be clear why I’m here. I just ask myself everyday and YES! GDI is the way to my dream. After that, I settled everything in life to develop my business all the time. And I develop it every day. I did not really develop it leap. But the next 5% every day and of course, the result is really great. -Kittitat Wasati 

9. When you become a sponsor you will be consulting, training and coac-Kittitat Wasati hing for your team. Once you have members joining under you, you should be training them and helping them out. -Sarode Jiakngulueam

10. I made a Facebook account additional page to keep everyone updated on new information and also any bonuses that I may have been having at that time. I felt it helped because everyone was already on it to begin with so now they were able to keep up with how things were going. -Jazmen Bishop

11. My advice is to view, read and understand everything in your GDI back office and contact your upline for training. Dedicate a minimum of 1 hour per day to your GDI business, always be honest, be a leader and help others and never give up. With that said you will be successful! -Deborah Mille Campbell

6 thoughts on “GDI Big Tippers Second Entry Period Voting”

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  2. Congratulations Sarode and Kittitat! (Let’s call this my concession comment. 🙂

    We had a good competition, and I always appreciate a good competition! Thanks to you for your effort – and thanks to GDI for setting up a fun competition with a real reward.

    All the best to you and your businesses Sarode and Kittitat, and now I’m going to get back to my business of helping folks grow and serve their own email opt-in list.


    Keith Bless

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