Managing Expecations and Setting Goals for Longevity

Affiliate programs like GDI offer a lot of unique benefits like the ability to work from home, work and any time and work with people all over the world. Affiliate programs, however, do not guarantee you’ll get rich quick, make money without putting in work and that every day will be easy. The problem with this misinformation is that many people believe it or perpetuate it, causing new affiliates to quit when they aren’t a millionaire in the first week. It’s important as a n new affiliate to understand what you’re signing up for and it’s also the responsibility of the established affiliate and upline to be truthful. Here are two ways to attract signups without risking losing them to false claims and promises.

Manage Expectations

GDI has many affiliates who get paid out each month and build income for life. However, this doesn’t happen right away for many people. It’s important to know that GDI offers a great income building opportunity, but not to exaggerate it. Claims that’s people will make a set amount of money per week guaranteed just aren’t true and will cause people to quit when that doesn’t happen. It’s okay to be excited about GDI and market in new ways, buy exaggerating income potential will only backfire and cause you to lose downline members as quickly as you got them/

Set and Reset Goals

Goals are a powerful way to drive new affiliates forward. Setting the right goals keep help to retain downline members. Take the time to reach out to your new downline members to not only share advice, but also to set goals. If you find a goal is too hard or too easy, work to set a new goal for your team and yourself. Affiliates who reach goals are more likely to stay with a team.

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