Five Habits of Successful Affiliates

Keep It Simple

Success with your team comes from their ability to duplicate your success. So how do you make it easy for them to do this? Keep it simple. Create a simple plan or approach to building your team, and when it’s successful, share it with your team so they can do they same.

Don’t Sell

It’s called affiliate marketing for a reason—it’s different from selling. You’re marketing an opportunity with a product, not selling a product alone. Work in a way that potential team members don’t feel like they are getting a sales pitch, but instead a chance for them to build Income for Life.

Branch Out

Stay away from family and friends when it comes to building your team unless someone has already shown interest. When only approaching friends and family with your affiliate team, you may get a lot of “no’s” and get discouraged. Instead, successful affiliates branch out and use many ways to connect with new team members like social media, networking sites, and even networking and business events in your hometown.

Don’t Give Up

Often times when we ask some of our top affiliates for advice, this is what they say. It’s important not to throw in the towel your first bad week. Many affiliates would not be successful today if they had quit when they first had the chance. Persevere when things slow down and get creative to move past a slump.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize and Stay Positive

Remember you’re doing this for you. So keep your eyes on your goals with affiliate marketing, be they big or small and keep that positive outlook that got you started in the first place!

2 thoughts on “Five Habits of Successful Affiliates”

  1. Even though these habits are simple to do? Keep in mind they are simple to NOT DO.

    If I were to add a sixth habit? One that is simple to do and often times gets left out. It would be to always get a response from your prospect.
    Yes is GREAT!
    No is GREAT!

    Both are positive! Both let you know what to do next. Yes! Great let’s get you started and get you through our NEW training BONUS.
    No. Great! Thank you for taking the time to at least watch my video and give me an answer.

    Go through the NO’s quickly! They lead to the YES you are looking for.

    Have a GREAT DAY! And Thank you GDI!!

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