Content Marketing for Affiliates

There are many ways to go the extra mile as a GDI affiliate and really build a thriving team. One great way to do so is content marketing. What is content marketing? Just what it sounds like: building content, whether is videos, blog posts or podcasts that can be share and marketed across the web.

No Expiration Date

Marketing can require you to strike while the iron is hot to reach the right people at the right time. While you can’t change this, you can change what you are using to market to people. Unlike one time offerings or deals, content marketing has no expiration date. Great content that is educational and informative can be shared over and over again while also having a permanent place on your website. Create great content by answering questions visitors may have or offering you unique perspective on GDI. Just be sure to avoid news topics and trends so that you can get the most mileage out of your content without it seeming out of date.

Create Conversations

While a catchy name for your blog or a fun tweet may catch the eye of a few followers, you want to go a step forward. Creating great content for that blog with the catchy name and adding a link to your content in that fun tweet will help to start conversations. When you share information in your content don’t forget to ask for input, comments and questions. This can keep the conversation going and get visitors to return to your site and stay interested.

Establishes You in a Community

When you share this great content you’ve created, it will help to establish you as a thought leader in your niche. Share content by helping others on Facebook and Twitter by answering their questions. People you connect with will trust your content and regard you as a thought leader. Also, when people search your name or your team online, they will see how helpful you are, and how you standout above others with the help and support you offer

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