Attracting and Converting Blog Visitors

As a GDI affiliate a personal blog can act as a stand alone website or a great supplement to your main site. Your blog should not only be informative and eye catching, but also provide the right information to get someone seriously interested in being an affiliate. With the right content you can convert visitors to your blog into customers. Here are just a few steps to help you achieve this.

Who Are Your Writing For?

Your blog should be written for a specific audience. This will help you plan out content and to establish an audience for your blog. As you’re writing to engage potential team members, keep topics to advice, news and how-tos that are both relevant to GDI and your team and system.

Timely Content

Set Google Alerts for affiliate marketing, network marketing, GDI, and domains. These alerts can email you anytime news is shared anywhere on the internet on these topics. Staying abreast of key news and trends will allow you to create content that is reflective of this and timely. You visitors will see your blog as an outlet for up to date news and trends and keep coming back.

Content with a Long Shelf Life

While some content should be timely, other content needs to be timeless. Write blog posts that can be shared over and over and will not become out of date quickly. These posts can be informational or personal, sharing your story of success. Timeless blog posts means more sharing and a longer shelf life for your content.

Be Honest

If you’re writing your blog to convert people form visitors to team members, be honest about your intentions. Misleading visitors or tricking them into signing up is no way to grow your business. Visitors who are interested in the affiliate opportunity will be able to get information straight away from you blog and those who aren’t can navigate to a new site.

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