WebSite Setup in Two Simple Steps

If you’ve joined GDI to take advantage of our great affiliate opportunity, welcome! Now it’s time to start taking advantage of your .WS domain. Follow two simple steps to get your WebSite running in no time.

Choose Your Site

GDI offers multiple website building tools as well as replicated sites for you to use. Browse our options including WordPress, SiteBuilder, hosting, forwarded and replicated sites to decide which might be right for you and your needs. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, head to the Tutorials section in the Members Area to see guides to each option. To build your site, navigate to Build Your WebSite or to Plugins, both of which appear under the Domains section. Once you have decided which service to use, it’s time to build your site. Once again, if you need help head to the Tutorials area for step by step guides for each site building service. Once your site is completed, ensure that your domain name system is set to the option you wish to display. Navigate to Domains in your Members Area and select DNS. Here you will see a list our settings for your domain, choose your option. For more information on DNS, you can find a video explaining it in the Tutorials.

Send Emails

Now that you have built your site, invite people to visit it with our Inviter. If you’re a basic member, simply input the email addresses of people you would like to check out your page and learn more and GDI does the rest of the work for you. Even better if you’re a premium member, the Inviter can grab email addresses right from your personal email account, allow you to decide which people you want to invite and send the emails out for you. When it comes to social networking, the Inviter can help you compose a post for Facebook or a tweet inviting everyone to check out your website, instantly.

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