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To celebrate the launch of our newest replicated site are sharing some of the great options GDI offers you. Replicated sites give you the chance to have your website and domain name up and running with just a few clicks of the mouse.

New Replicated Sites

Our newest replicated site, the “Total Package,” highlights the great products and services that GDI offers. With our WebStart Package, WordPress and SiteBuilder front and center, these sites are great to attract those looking to build their own website. Don’t worry, this replicated site also includes the GDI opportunity information. Visitors just need to scroll down to see how they can start making money with GDI and exactly how it works. The new replicated sites have a clean layout and brighter colors that are sure to catch the eye of visitors.

Spanish and Translated Replicated Sites

As an international company, GDI works everyday to ensure all of our affiliates can share their opportunity in their native language. GDI has offered Spanish replicated sites for quite some time, but now we are excited to offer two replicated sites that can be translated to any language. Our new “Products and Services” and “Total Package” replicated sites have a translation option. This means anyone visiting your site can see it in their native language. You are no longer limited by language barriers when sharing your opportunity.

Video Replicated Sites

Video is a powerful marketing tool and GDI knows that. That’s why many of our replicated sites feature our popular videos. You can choose from our animated videos or great hosted tutorials explaining GDI.

Ready to get moving with your replicated site? Login to your Members Area and navigate to “Replicated Sites” on the left hand site. Click and you will be able to browse all of the replicated sites GDI offers and select the one that works best for you.

5 thoughts on “Your Replicated Sites”

  1. The look and feel of this update is totally AWESOME! It only took 1 minute to click 1 radio button then update!

    I say this often, and I really do mean it, GDI has made it so simple that a child can do it. Not only that, a child can understand it.

    Thanks for the updated blogg! Which is also a tool I use often.

    Get your .ws and follow the simple plan. Success will follow.

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