Target the Right People

With GDI, the selling and the marketing is done for you. We give you the tools to market easily, taking away some of the headaches of creating your own videos and tools. The marketing tools also give you the time you need to build your team with the right people. We can’t say it enough, affiliate marketing is all about people. It’s about working with the right people and maintaining those relationships for the long haul.  We’ve highlighter a few types of people who may be great to add to your team.

The Talkers

These people are easy to find online and out in the real world. They are the people who always seem to know what’s going on and want to share the news. Anyone who isn’t afraid to share and chat is someone who can be a great team member. These people aren’t afraid to share their website and opportunity on Facebook, Twitter and at parties. Look for people who like to be involved and like to talk; they can make great team members.

The Site Savvy

Though a little harder to spot, these people who are website and internet savvy can also make great team members. Look for people who promote the sites they have created on Facebook, Twitter and any other social network you’re on. You can even go so far as to reach out to part time web designers, chances are they will know how to make a great site and be excited about the opportunity to build extra income off of referrals.

The Networkers

The networkers can be spotted easily on social media. They have tons of friends, followers and fans and are always engaging with others. They are a great person to reach out to and help you build your team because they already have a network. Start conversations with the networkers to establish a relationship, when you feel comfortable share the GDI opportunity with them.

Who has helped to build your team?

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