Simple Tips: Proofreading

It’s something we’re all guilty of doing, in fact, you can probably find examples of it on this very blog. It’s leaving typos, misspellings and improper formatting in what you publish on your site and it’s something that can be easily avoided by proofreading.

Getting content and information on your site is one key to staying on top of your business and so is making sure that content is clear and free of errors. When you read information on a site and you find a simple spelling error, that site often loses its credibility for you quite quickly. If a site can’t even take the time to share error free information, that doesn’t say much about the services they can offer you.

Remember to proofread and check your content before publishing on your site. Follow a few tricks to ensure you are presenting the best information.

Read Out Loud

Once you’ve drafted your content and proofread once, take the time to read through again, but out loud. Reading your content out loud can help you to hear anything you may have worded awkwardly and catch other errors you may have missed while just reading silently to yourself.

Fresh Eyes

If you aren’t in a rush, walk away from your content before posting it. Do something else for an hour and come back to your content and you will be able to see errors you may have missed the first time. Many of us have a habit of reading what should be there rather than what is there, so stepping away from your work can give you fresh eyes to see the real content.

Call in Back Up

Ask someone else to read your content before posting. They can see errors you have missed and help you clarify anything that may be confusing to someone else.

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