Twitter’s New Look

Like many social networks, Twitter is constantly reinventing its look, which can sometimes leave users confused. Twitter is slowly rolling out a new look, and you Twitter has probably converted automatically to the new look or will be soon. We share how to navigate the new look.


Clicking on this icon will take you Home where you can see the tweets of those you are following, the number of tweets you have sent and the number of followers you have, how many people you follow and top Trending Topics. By clicking around this area you can also see all of the tweets you have posted and also navigate to your profile page by clicking on your user name.


Clicking the Connect icon will take you to all of your Interactions. Interactions are Twitter’s new word to covered everything from retweets, to mentions, to favorited tweets. Here you can sort by interactions or just plain old mentions. In Interactions you can see when someone uses the @ sign and mentions you or starts a back and forth conversation with you. You can also see who your followers recently started following, your tweets that have been retweeted and any tweets that have been favorited. So click on connect when you want to see what everyone else is up to and who is chatting with you.


Discover is the new place to find top stories being shared on Twitter with links directly to them. Visiting Discover can be good for coming up with ideas to Tweet about or conversations to start.


Simple as it sounds, Compose is where you can draft and send new tweets. By clicking on the icon, a box will appear for your to write your tweet. This can also be done in the Home area below your username in the box that says “Compose new tweet.”

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