Three Marketing “Don’ts”

Don’t Link Blast

Your domain is your power when it comes to the GDI opportunity, but use the link to your domain wisely. We encourage sharing your link in places like social media sites, emails and at the end of videos, but do share with substance. Think of emails you get or posts you see that tell you a little something about a site and encourage you to click on the link. This is what you want to be presenting. Simply posting your link and your link only on social media or in an email will be a sure way for it to not get clicked and also risk it being removed from social media sites.

Don’t Disappear

We encourage you to join networking sites like Twitter and Google+ to reach out to other affiliates and network marketers as they are great ways to do so. Once you’ve taken the time to register for these sites and reach out to people, don’t forget about them. You can appear very sketchy and untrustworthy if one day you’re tweeting potential team members and then aren’t back on Twitter for a month. The same rings true for current team members. Don’t disappear and stop responding to emails once someone joins your team, now the real work begins, working as a team and towards Income for Life.

Don’t Hold Back Too Much Information

While it’s important not to share all of your secrets when marketing GDI, you don’t want to hold back too much information. Try your best to answer as many questions as possible from potential team members. Many people need all of the information in front of them before they can make a decision, and it’s your job to present it.

What “Don’ts” have you learned along the way?

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