Miss A Sign Up? We’ll Help

At GDI we work hard to give you the tools you need to succeed and build Income for Life. These tools come in many forms, which you can read more about here. But there is one very helpful tool that we don’t often talk about that helps you get sign ups without you even knowing about it. It’s our missed sign up email, and it’s working to ensure you secure every lead that comes through your page.

How It Works

When someone goes through the sign up process for the FREE 7 day trial and leaves the process before finishing, they are considered a missed sign up. We take these seriously and follow up with these missed sign ups to address any issues they may have and bring them back to your page to complete the process. After a few days of not completing the sign up, these missed sign ups will receive an email reminding them that they did not finish the process, as some may have gotten distracted or forgotten. These emails also address any common issues they may have for no signing up. These missed sign up emails serves as a reminder of how great the GDI opportunity it and encourage them to complete the process.

These emails are just one more step GDI takes to help you earn Income for Life.

What extra steps do you take?

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