Sources of Support

Network marketing is most effective and lucrative when you have a strong network and passionate team. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some people will not have a responsive upline, some people will have trouble getting in touch with their upline and some people will just fall off. That’s where we come in offering you support you might not be able to get from your team. When you need help, advice, or encouragement, check out our sources of support.


You’re already here, so you know that the Affiliate Blog is a great resource for support. On the blog we share tips and motivation and try to respond to your needs and questions. Take the time to use the “search” box on the blog if you’re looking form something specific. If you can’t find it, leave a comment and we will be sure to write a post addressing your issue.

Facebook, Twitter

Have a question you need a quick answer to? Hop on social media. We are always monitoring tweets and posts on our Facebook wall and are happy to answer your questions. Social media is also a place where you can ask questions of your fellow affiliates. Even in you can’t get in touch with your upline, someone on social media will be happy to answer your question.


As you hopefully know, we hold biweekly webinars (register here: to help answer your questions, give you motivation and share advice from some of our top affiliates. Join us every other Tuesday at 1pm PST and bring your questions. We answer your questions live during the webinar and if you take the time to ask us questions before the webinar or suggest topic ideas, we are sure to cover them.

Remember, a strong upline is your best resource, but if you are struggling we’ve got you covered!

3 thoughts on “Sources of Support”

  1. I think GDI does an amazing job at supporting and motivating their affiliates. Who needs an upline because the ultimate goal is to pick a recruiting strategy that works for you and stick to it till you reach your goal.

    If you work your business like that you will attract others who dig your style and follow you as the one to model when it comes to making money from home with GDI.

    I tell this to the members of GDI the Smart Way’s training site all the time – DISCIPLINE TRUMPS TALENT!

    Just pick a strategy and run with it. That’s doing ‘GDI the Smart Way!’

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