Webinar Changes


We have affiliates all over the world, and are working to find a time that would work for many of them. That’s why we are changing the webinar times to 1 p.m. PDT. The webinars will still be around 30 minutes long and if you cant attend a webinar you can watch them at www.gdiwebinars.ws starting the day after each webinar. If you’re still not registered for webinars but wish to attend, sign up now at www.register.gdiwebinars.ws.

To ensure that more affiliates can attend each webinar and that we are bringing you the best, newest content, webinars will be taking place every other week. This schedule will start immediately with the next webinar taking place on September 13th. You can come to the blog each  month for a listing of the what dates the webinar will fall on, but they will be following an every other week schedule. September dates are: September 13th 1p.m. PDT, September 27th 1p.m. PDT.


We’ve been listening to you and will be changing up the webianr format to cater to your needs. The webinar will now feature mor question and answers and specific topics each week. We will annouce the topic on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter the day before so you can decide if you want to attend and start formulating some questions to ask on the topic.

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