You Asked: The Product or the Opportunity?

A question we often hear at GDI is “What should I market, the product or the opportunity?” The short answer is that this is something you have to decide for yourself. But top help you decide we’ve included some tips below.

How well do you understand the product?

All of our members should understand the website hosting and email that GDI offers and better yet take advantage of it. But since we know this may not be the case for everyone, decide where you fall. Do you use a replicated site and have no interest in hosting? Well then you are someone who should be advertising the opportunity. It doesn’t make sense to try to explain and sell someone on something you aren’t using yourself.

If you are someone who takes advantage of GDI website hosting and know every in and out of the product, you are someone who should be selling the product. If you love the product people will be able to see that and want to get on board with it.

What kind of people do you work best with?

Do you work best with people who get really excited about a new idea or offering, or do you prefer to work with people who take a more analytical approach. A lot of this can be based on your own experience and is in no way a scientific fact, but try to take personality types into account when trying to get someone into your downline.

Someone who is very excitable and good at getting others excited, could be very good at selling the opportunity, and this is someone you may want to work with if you feel the same. Someone who takes a more calculated look at things may need a little more of a push could really benefit from being sold the product and explained the virtues of it in combination with the opportunity. Try to figure out the kind of people you want in your downline and it will help you decide what you should be selling.

What is your selling style?

Your selling style is a combination of the answers to the two questions. Try to mix your personality with what you know and you will be able to see what you are better at selling.

How about both?

You can follow the steps above to stick with selling either the product or the opportunity, or you could do both. Don’t limit yourself on only trying to sell one aspect of GDI, you have multiple selling points at your finger tips, so use this to your advantage. Get educated on the product, refine your pitch and decide what you want to sell on a person to person basis.

3 thoughts on “You Asked: The Product or the Opportunity?”

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  2. I always like to find like minded people who know the power of GDI as far as the opportunity end goes. If you can find a few heavy hitters you can make a great residual income online. Plus, talking up GDI is easy since the company always pays on time and has over a 10 year track record of doing so now. And the product is easy to sell at $10 a month. Domain names and web hosting are only growing and GDI offers the best of both worlds.

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