The Power of the GDI DVD

We hope you’ve seen and shared the online version of our GDI DVD that explains everything you ever wanted to know in a way that is shareable and relatable. If you haven’t seen the DVD, check it out here. While the internet is a powerful tool and has become a huge part of network marketing, many of you have shared in the past that your still do part of your recruiting for your GDI opportunity offline. We want to continue bringing you the tools to do this, and that’s where the GDI DVD comes in.

Network Offline

For some prospects, the best way to get them interested and excited about the great opportunity that is GDI is to speak with them face to face. When you’re doing this, you might not want to break the flow of your personal presentation by sitting someone down at a computer to watch a video on GDI. This is where the DVD can come in. Once you have someone interested in GDI, send them away with a DVD to learn more about the power of GDI in their own home and on there own time. Having DVDs in your car, at home and your office are great to be sure to always have them on hand and ready to share with a new prospect you might meet offline

Share Right Away

Like we said above, sometimes, you don’t want to break the flow of a conversation just to direct someone to your website. To get the same benefits though, pass along your business card and a DVD. Your prospect will be able to visit your site and also learn about GDI at a time that is right for them.

A Tangible Reminder

Our affiliates are great at marketing and sharing the opportunity over the phone and online, but sometimes emails get lost among others and phone messages get accidentally deleted. This creates a time for GDI to just slip the mind of a new prospect. The DVD solves this issue by being a tangible reminder. The DVD is something you can touch; leave on your desk or in front of the TV to remind your prospects to learn more about GDI. Even better once your prospect has a DVD for themselves they can easily share it with out having to log online.

Everything You Need to Explain

The biggest benefit of the GDI DVD is that it has all the information a prospect needs to know to get started. The DVD is 39 minutes of the best information and tips for beginners interested in GDI. Just purchase the DVD, share with prospects and the work is done for you.

To get your copies of the GDI DVD to share with new prospects, visit

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