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What to Do if You Already Have a Website or the Know How to Build Your Own

Ready to Build Your Own Site?

GDI allows you to use Drupal to build your own site at your .ws domain. According to their main site, “Drupal is a free software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization.” To get started with Drupal for GDI, navigate to the Plugins section of your Members Area and turn the Drupal CMS plugin to the ON position. You can also click to view a demo or visit Drupal’s beginner’s page for tips here.

Want to Forward to Another Site?

If you would like your .WS to forward visitors to an already created site at another domain, you can do this with a just a few clicks of the mouse. Log in to your Members Area and click Domains on the left hand side. Once here you will be able to see your domains and their current DNS. Click on change DNS and then select the forwarding option. Here you will be asked where you would like your .WS site to forward to. Once you input this information, your site will begin forwarding. Simple!

Already Have a WordPress Site?
WordPress has built in Import and Export functionality to let you move your site to whatever host you prefer. To bring an existing blog to GDI, first login to your existing blog. On the main navigation menu, look for Tools. In the submenu of Tools, click Export and then press Download Export File. This will cause you to save a file to your local computer with a name like “blog-name.wordpress.YYYY-MM-DD.xml”. After you download the file, login to your GDI WordPress Blog. Again look for Tools, only this time click Import. Select WordPress from the list of blog services, and then Install to install the importer on the server (nothing is installed on your local computer). Next, click Activate Plugin & Run Importer. Finally, browse your computer and upload the file you exported earlier, the one with a name like “blog-name.wordpress.YYYY-MM-DD.xml”. Now GDI is hosting your WordPress site, and you cancel that Hosting service you were paying for!

Tools and Tips for the More Experienced

The GDI opportunity and site offerings accommodate all levels of experience. We’ve shared quite a few blog posts on getting started with your site, but what if you already have experience creating websites, or even have one already made you would like to use? GDI can accommodate you.

Web Hosting

GDI offers hosting services for our more advanced affiliates. GDI’s hosting service allows you to build your very own site from scratch. You can do this by bypassing some of the user friendly restrictions built into SiteBuilder. This will allow you to build a custom website just they way you like it and upload the files to our servers. Hosting gives you totally flexibility and control of your site, while using GDI servers and being able to build income for life. This hosting is available to all members at not extra charge.

URL Forwarding

Do you already have a site created somewhere else, but are unable to move the content and don’t want to start all over? Then GDI’s URL forwarding service is perfect for you. You may have number of reason for wanting a new URL but not a whole new website from scratch. Maybe your URL is hard to remember, unprofessional or just doesn’t meet your needs anymore. To solve these problems, you can use GDI’s URL forwarding to route your new .ws domain to your existing website. When someone visits your .ws domain they will be automatically transported to your already built and existing site.

Head to your Member’s Area at www.website.ws/members to learn more.