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Take Advantage of the Summer

It’s officially summertime in the US and with it comes vacations, holidays and a more relaxed pace to each day. While others have more time off, or may even be looking for a summer job, it’s time to take advantage of that. Here are a few ways to make summer work in your favor for building your business.


It seems like everyone has more social outings to attend in the summer. These events are a great time to network and connect with new people. Move out of your comfort zone at these events, meet new people and see if the GDI affiliate opportunity of .WS domain might be a good fit for them.

 Summer Break

A handful of lucky people get the summers off from work entirely, including students and teachers. The summer can be a great time for them to start working with GDI and earn extra income. College students are great to reach out as they are always looking to build their income and tend to have established networks of friends in the same situation.

Summer Hours

While most people don’t have the summers off entirely, many companies tend to have shorter hours and a lesser workload during this time. Seek out those people in your network with this extra time and invite them to learn more about GDI. Their shorter work days will allow them the time to really work with GDI and build their business.