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Super Bowl of Marketing

We’ve got affiliates all over the world, but this weekend is an important one for many sports fans in the US. It’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend, and while it may seem like it’s all about [American] football, there are many marketing lessons to be learned from the hype for the big game and the commercials. We share three marketing tactics that have been used in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and will surely be seen again on Sunday.

Create Buzz

The Super Bowl hasn’t even happened yet, but many people are already placing bets on what will be the best commercial. This is because many companies have been working for the past month to tease their products and leak commercials to create buzz leading people to want to learn more. This is something you can do in network marketing too. Though you don’t have the budget for these blockbuster commercials, you do have the internet, social media and your own website right at your finger tips. Create buzz with short emails about your new videos for GDI. Create buzz with videos on your website inviting people to learn more about your business. Don’t wait until you’ve finished your site completely or edited your video totally to tell people about it, share beforehand what people can expect and keep them interested while you work behind the scenes.

Let People Know Where to Find You

It’s impossible to see a commercial these days that doesn’t end with a website and their Facebook and Twitter account information. These companies want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more and stay engaged. Use this tactic with your business, make sure everyone who comes to you site, sees your video, or stumbles onto your Twitter knows exactly how to contact you and where to learn more.

Invite Conversation

Before the Big Game, you already know some of the commercials will be playing and who will be performing in between plays. This kind of information invites conversation. Conversation is another way to get people engaged, even those who don’t care about American football. Companies know that conversations are powerful and that word of mouth marketing can’t be beat. So share information and ask questions on your social media sites that will start conversation and get people talking about your business.