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What’s Your Story?

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen a link we shared on Monday. It was titled “This Will Be the Number One Business Skill in the Next Five Years.” If you didn’t click, do you have any idea what that skill is?


Thanks to social media and the ability to broadcast your message on numerous devices and in numerous forms, storytelling is extremely important. Consumers no longer want to hear your ad pitch; they want to hear your story. The article goes on to say that your story should be compelling enough to get people to want to do business with you.  A great quote comes from Andrew Stanton in the article, “The greatest story commandment: Make me care.” This “commandment” should affect how you tell the story of your business and why people should get involved.

To showcase the importance of storytelling, we asked you for your GDI story on Facebook. We want to know how you became an affiliates. Our favorite compelling story share on Facebook came from Blessed Marketer. This is a great example of a story that compels the reader to want to learn more.

Blessed Marketer: 2009, if I remember correctly. Short version is this:

When you lose your job after nine years of work, and on the last day they literally take a screwdriver and remove the hard drive out of the laptop you’ve been using for last three years because everything on that computer is “their intellectual property,” you start to think.

You start to think “Not only am I losing my income, but I just gave a lot of my effort, thought, and creativity to a company that could still use it even though I’m no longer there. Even worse, now I no longer have access to the work I did!”

Helps you see the value of earning an income on your own terms AND having a place to create and share your own thoughts and work of any type – either through a website or a blog.

(And when I started, the blog wasn’t even an option! Great value there!)

Have an idea for your own? Now is the time to start crafting your story and to begin storytelling to grow your business.