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Using LinkedIn to Build Your GDI Connections

LinkedIn isn’t just for people looking for their next 9-5 job, it’s actually the fastest growing social network and for good reason. LinkedIn can take the place of your Rolodex, resume, cover letter and references all on one site. But how can it work for you when you are a network marketer? Read on for tips to do just that.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is the online destination to establish business connections, but what do you do if you are starting from scratch. This is where LinkedIn Groups come in. LinkedIn groups are similar to groups and pages on Facebook because like Facebook you can search for groups by topic or common interests and join them. However, unlike Facebook, these groups are targeted for business questions, answers and networking.

To find a group you can input your keywords into the Group Search box at the right hand corner of the LinkedIn homepage and then filter your results by group type such as alumni group, networking group, corporate group and more. Most of these groups are just one click to join, but others may require your membership be approved. Once you become a member of these groups you can start discussions, ask questions of experts and build relationships. When you share a group with some one, you can also easily ask them to join your network of connections so that you can start to build a relationship with them. Start conversations with people in these groups to build your business.

Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like a resume but much more powerful than that. The LinkedIn profile is a great way to position yourself as an expert and share your experiences. You can fill out past jobs and descriptions but also be sure to add your “Summary.” The summary is a paragraph that appears just below your bulleted work experience, but above your longer descriptions of each job. This summary is where you share you best skills and areas of expertise. Use this area to sell yourself and the GDI opportunity. You can even share links in the summary. Treat it as a couple of paragraphs where you need to convince someone to get on board with you and your GDI business.

Personal Updates

When you log into LinkedIn you will see a box with “Share an Update,” this allows you to share any news, new opportunities or links to your site, much like Twitter. This differs from Twitter in that your audience is targeted to your business contacts. Use this when you post a new blog or even as call to action for people who may be interested in the GDI opportunity.

Like most social media outlets, the possibilities with LinkedIn are endless, so get on there and start exploring.