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Dealing with a Setback

Setbacks happen to all of us. You should know it’s not what happens to you, but how you deal with it. Here are a few tips to take charge after you’ve had a slow month or week.

Reset Your Focus

It may not seem like the perfect time for anything, but a setback is a great time to refocus. Examine your goals and focus on the steps you need to take and what you might need to change to achieve them. Also take the time to focus on and learn from what may have caused your setback. Were you very hands-off this month? Did you ignore your downline? Focus on what needs to be done to shake off the setback and move forward.

One Thing at a Time

While it may make sense to have your hands in a few different opportunities to see which one takes off, chances are, none will. To be successful you need to focus your efforts on building your business to just one business. Did you have a slow month because you were focused on starting another opportunity? It is important to truly work to build your business and not just sign up for opportunity after opportunity without really putting in the time needed to succeed.

Move Forward

Shake off the setback and move forward! Focus on the future, not that one bad month.