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The GDI Opportunity: How It Works

As many of our season affiliates know, Global Domains International (GDI) is an amazing opportunity to take control of your career and earning power and create Income for Life. Beyond the income opportunity, GDI offers you the chance to have your own branded website, email addresses, internationalized domain names and many amazing features. Our offerings outside of the income opportunity are reason enough to sign up with GDI, but if you’re new, you may be asking yourself “how does it all work?” We’ve explained it simply below. Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments.

Signing Up

When you sign up for GDI, you are essentially signing up for two things. You have agreed to sign up with a sponsor, or if you registered without a sponsor, one will be assigned to you. When you sign up with a sponsor, you become part of their team or downline. When you sign up people below you, they become a part of your team or downline. For each person you sign to your downline you are paid out $1 per month per person in your downline. This works the same way for the people above you, it just happens that you are part of their downline.

The second thing you are signing up for is our GDI products, which in the basic membership include a domain registration, hosting and 10 email addresses. All of which you can brand anyway you like and are yours for life. You also have access to GDI’s own SiteBuilder to simply build a great site as long as other add-ons like a message boards, photo gallery, URL forwarding and blogs that can be created using our WordPress plugin.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is how you are able to build you Income for Life. Above we talk about the $1 per level pay out. This is essentially your commission for marketing and selling GDI’s domain services and income opportunity.

Affiliate Income

As GDI affiliate, you will be rewarded with a 10% commission on the revenue generated from each layer, down through a total of 5 generations, with no limit to how many “front line” (Layer 1) affiliates you may have and therefore no limit to your potential income. If you personally introduce just 5 affiliates and each of them do the same, you will have built a network of 3905 affiliates. Whenever one of them makes a sale or spends money themselves on a GDI service, you will receive 10% of every transaction, whether it is monthly or annual, which means long term, residual income for you.

The Products

From the moment you sign up with GDI you have access to some great products and services. These include 10 email addresses, a photo gallery, forum, WordPress plugin, our Inviter and more. To learn more about each product, check out our GDI Products Post.

Selling It

How you sell the GDI opportunity is up to you. What sold you on joining GDI? You can sell people on the products, the income opportunity or both. For some tips on choosing how to market GDI, check out our post on The Product or the Opportunity.