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Managing Your GDI Domains and Privacy: FAQs

I selected to change my billing plan type. When will the change take effect?
Changes to a domain’s billing plan will take effect upon completion of the respective domain’s current Paid Through date.

I changed my mind and no longer wish to change my billing plan type. How can I undo a change I submitted?
Simply use the Change Plan link set the billing type back to the “current” plan type.

What is domain privacy?
Domain Privacy prevents your personal information from displaying in the public whois. The law requires accurate and verifiable whois information for your domain at all times. We change your information to our own, but you still retain ownership of the domain.

Is domain privacy available for all TLDs?
It is not available for these TLDS .bz, .cn, .in, .us.

Will I still be the domain owner?
Yes, even though our information is displayed in the whois, you retain ownership of the domain.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $1 per month.

Can I purchase the Domain Privacy Service to a domain I already have registered?
Yes. Simply click on the add icon located in the Domain Privacy column. The domain has been already selected. If you wish to add the service to additional domains click the checkboxes and press the “Continue” button.

Can I disable this service at anytime?
Once you purchase the service, you can disable or enable it at anytime. Refunds will not be issued if the service is disabled.

How can I disable domain privacy?
Click on the checkmark icon for the domain you wish to disable the service. On the next page, select the “Disabled” radio button and press the “Update” button.

I’ve already purchased domain privacy and it’s currently disabled. How can I enable it?
Click on the minus icon for the selected domain. On the next page, select the “Enabled” radio button and press the “Update” button.

Is this service refundable?
All charges are non-refundable.

What happens if someone wants to contact me about my domain when domain privacy is enabled?
Anyone wanting to contact you from the whois information will email us first, and that email will be automatically forwarded to you.

Where can I get more information on this service?
You can go to http://privatedomainregistrations.ws for more information.

When will I be charged for adding Domain Privacy to my domain?
If you are in your 7 day free trial period, you will be charged at the end of trial. If you add Domain Privacy while purchasing a domain, you will be charged immediately. If adding to an already existing domain, you will be informed while ordering whether you will be charged immediately or on your next renewal.

I chose to bring my own domain to GDI to use their products and services when creating my account, but my domain isn’t working?
Once you have brought a domain to GDI during the account creation process it will display in your Member’s Area immediately. For it to work properly with our system though, you will need to go to the registrar you have the domain registered with and set the NameServers for your domain to: