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What’s Your Affiliate Presentation?

Thanks to affiliate and Facebook fan, Medicane P. for requesting this topic.

There is no formal presentation for promoting GDI. There’s no script to follow or specific words you have to say. When we talk about your presentation, we are talking more about your preparation. Think of each time your present GDI like a job interview. You don’t want to read off a script or run over your audience, but you do want to be prepared. In addition, you know there are specific points you want to discuss and find a way to fit them into your conversation. To get comfortable with this way of presenting, you need to prepare. Here are a few tips to prepare for your next presentation.

Know Your Options

GDI has many offerings to support affiliates. Be sure you know all about our products and services from our SiteBuilder and WordPress plugin to the Marketing Kit, 7 Minute Movie, Bonuses and Virtual ID Card. The more you know about GDI, the easier it is to tailor your presentation. What do you like best about GDI? Learn as much as you can about that and let it be the cornerstone of your presentation. People can sense when you’re genuinely excited about something, so lead with whichever product, service, or bonus you are most excited about.

Know Your Audience

Just like you need to know GDI well, you need to know your audience even better. Who are you meeting with and what are their interests? Knowing who you are presenting to makes a huge difference. When you can relate to you audience, it’s easier to find a common goal or reason to join GDI.

Allow for Flexibility

Preparing for your GDI presentation gives you a sense of comfort that allows you to be flexible. When you know your audience and your material it’s easy to go off script and be yourself when promoting your business. Take the time to prepare, and then go with the flow.

What are your presentation tips?