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How to Get Started as an Affiliate with GDI

We often post information that is helpful to new GDI members and current members looking to expand their skills, but today’s post is for those of you who haven’t yet joined GDI as an affiliate. If you are considering GDI for affiliate marketing but aren’t sure what to do next, or just want to learn more, this post is for you.

Learn More about the Opportunity

It’s a great idea to learn more about GDI and how it could work for you before you consider signing up with a sponsor. An easy way to do this is to watch the 7 Minute Movie at: http://website.ws/gditraffic/show. You can also learn more about the specific products and services that GDI provides as well as a breakdown of how you can earn income at our YouTube tutorial channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GDITutorialVideos/. If you have additional questions before you sign up, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter or contact support@website.ws

Connect with a Sponsor

You can find many GDI affiliates active on social networks, our message boards and just through a simple search. It’s important to sign up with the right sponsor for you. Ask questions of any potential sponsor before you sign up to ensure they will be a good fit for you and will help you along the way as you build Income for Life. If you do not want to research a sponsor, GDI can connect you with one. Simply watch the 7 Minute Movie at http://website.ws/gditraffic/show and share your contact information. GDI will then assign a sponsor to you.

 Select Premium or Basic

At just $10 per month for a domain, personalized email address, and domain services, many of our affiliates choose our basic option and have much success with it. But to really make the most money with the affiliate program, our premium option is the way to go. GDI’s premium option offers upgraded products and services as well as chances for bonuses, contest entries and higher payouts. For a full rundown of what premium can offer check out this post.