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Ways to Market the Newest Replicated Site with William Shatner

GDI’s co-founders Michael Starr and Alan Ezier were recently interviewed by Doug Llewelyn and William Shatner for Moving America Forward. GDI’s co-founders also received the Keeping America Strong award for the work they’ve done with GDI. This interview is powerful and showcases GDI with some big names, making it a great marketing tool. The interview is now available on a Replicated Site in your Members Area, making it a simple marketing tool to get you sign ups. Here are three ways to promote site interview and your new Replicated Site.

GDI Founders

GDI co-founders Michael Starr and Alan Ezier showcase GDI in the video. These are the men behind GDI sharing their passion for it. This is a powerful way to market for anyone skeptical about GDI. Those people can learn about GDI from the co-founders own words.


GDI and its co-founders were given the Keeping America Strong award. This award was given to them for the work they are doing with GDI to Move America Forward especially in these tough times. This award shows interested people the strength of GDI.

Big Names

Moving America Forward is hosted by William Shatner who also takes the time to talk with GDI co-founder Michael Starr. You will also recognize Doug Llewelyn behind the desk from his years on People’s Court. These big names are a great way to get people interested in the video and drive them to learn more.

William Shatner Interviews GDI Co-Founders for Moving America Forward

GDI’s CEO Michael Starr and President Alan Ezier were on Moving America Forward with William Shatner recently. They were presented the Moving America Forward and had the chance to tell William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn (from “People’s Court”) what GDI and IDNs are all about. Watch the video below and chick here to see our newest replicated site. You can also set this page as your Replicated Site. Log into your Members Area and selected “William Shatner Interviews GDI” from the Replicated Sites to set it as your site.