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Five Things Your WebSite Needs Right Now

  1. A Contact Form: A visitor to your site is great, but what you really want is the next step: contact! A contact form can provide with you leads, allow visitors to ask questions, and simply help you build your network.
  2. Call to Action: What is it you want visitors to your site to do? Watch a movie? Share a post? Leave a comment? Ask them! This is called the call to action. Figure out the purpose of your site then ask visitors to help you achieve it.
  3. Links to Social Media: Just like a contact form, these will help people connect with you and learn more. Some people may be too shy to send an email, but social networks provide the perfect opportunity to get connected and work on building your team.
  4. Your Opportunity: Whether you share the 7 Minute Movie or just a link to your sign up page, be sure to include an option for visitors to your website to join your GDI team.
  5. Conversation Starters: Don’t forget to provide site visitors with great information and education about you, your GDI team or your area of expertise. This information will help to start conversations and get visitors keep coming back to learn more.