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Make Sure You Are Pre-Qualified to Purchase IDNs

GDI IDNs are going live and for purchase as 6pm on June 28th. We’ve told you how this is a one of a kind opportunity for you to get in early on something huge. To prepare for the big launch, we have listed the ways you can qualify to purchase you very own Internationalized Domain Names.


This option simply means that you have at least two active GDI affiliates on your front line and each of those two has at least two active GDI affiliates on their front line (for a total of six or more active affiliates, in that structure). If you have already accomplished this , then you are ready to go! If you have not yet achieved this level of production, then now is the time to get others into GDI. Show them the GDI marketing video of your choice (select from the available self-replicating marketing sites by visiting your GDI back office) then show them the IDN video on this site so they know where our company is headed in the global markets.

“Go Premium”

You can qualify right away by converting your basic member account to premium, which is an extra $40 per month and carries multiple additional benefits. Details on premium status and instant activation are listed in your back office. You will qualify for GDI IDN investor status and also be able to receive commissions on all IDN investments made by your downline only so long as you keep your Premium status active, unless you also qualify by satisfying the requirements of the other two options listed on this page.

Pay a Lifetime Preferred Affiliate Fee (PAF)

You can qualify immediately by paying a one time $500 fee which will qualify you for life, regardless of the status of the other two options listed on this page. This $500 fee is commissionable, paying out the standard 50% over 5 levels upline (10% per level), which means that anytime someone in your downline pays this fee to qualify, you will receive a $50 commission, provided you are qualified via any of the options detailed on this page.

Don’t forget to visit www.WorldSite.ws to start searching for your Internationalized Domain Names today!