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Sharing the IDN Opportunity with Your Network

If you’re an experienced marketing professional and a looking to take advantage of the IDN opportunity tomorrow because you see the immense power in it, congrats. If you’ve already been following this blog, attending the webinars and catching up with us on Facebook and Twitter you can see that GDI IDNs are an opportunity like no other. No doubt this is an opportunity to be shared with all those in your network. We’ve included the most powerful parts of the opportunity below to share with your network to get them on board and get everyone you know reaping the benefits of IDNs.


GDI IDNs offer you a direct opportunity to receive commissions on IDN sales.  Whenever somebody in your downline purchases an IDN, you earn 10% of that purchase over five levels. IDNs are powerful websites that a truly global, and the more domains your network purchases to create their own piece of global realty, the more income you stand to earn. There is also the opportunity to make even more money with the ultimate sale of an IDN either by you or someone in your network with our soon to be launched IDN auction site.

Residual Income

Besides just earning commission, being a part of the IDN opportunity means that you have the chance to earn residual income. This works just like the traditional GDI multi level set up, but allows for bigger payouts., and you have the chance to earn commission each and every time someone in your downline renews their IDN.  Even better, the IDN is also truly global, making your recruitment pool even larger.


GDI offers you “Your Internet Address for Life” and the IDN opportunity is no exception to this. An IDN will not only stay with you no matter the company but no matter the country as they are truly global.


Global investing is the only true way to diversify in a global economy. IDNs are a global investment that you can not only afford, but understand. IDNs are accessible all over the world and .ws truly means WorldSite.

Be sure you are qualified to take advantage of this opportunity and share it with your network. Get ready for the debut of GDI IDNs June 28th at 6pm PST.