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Help Your Team to Build Your Team

Sometimes we get questions on Facebook and Twitter about how to contact your upline. One of the best ways to avoid upline problems is to educate our affiliates on ways to be a good upline resource in the first place, so the education and best practices spread. Read on for a few great tips to be a great upline.

Be available

Don’t go AWOL. Once you have someone secured in your downline, that is not the end of the process. Network Marketing is about building a network. You need to work to maintain relationships and ensure you and your network are successful. If your downline emails, calls or reaches out, it is in your best interest to respond and help them in order to continue to successfully build your downline.

Be open

Aside from just being available, be open about that fact! Tell your downline and your network that you are available and encourage them to reach out to you if needed. You want to establish a level of comfort that ensures everyone in your network  can achieve their full potential.

Offer Help

Try to offer help and guidance even before it is needed. All affiliates experience the same process and tend to share many of the same highs and lows. Everyone, even our most successful affiliates, had to start somewhere. Take the time to share some of the important lessons and experiences that helped to make your GDI business a success. Is there a pitfall that you experienced, but now understand how to avoid? Share the knowledge!

It All Comes Down to Relationships

Success in affiliate marketing and with GDI, like many things in life, comes down to your ability to build and maintain relationships. Building a network takes time and effort and a little extra work in the beginning. Establish open lines of communication and relationships with your downline and you will ensure everyone in your network has a chance for success.

What are your tips for being a great sponsor?

Tips for When You Need Help: Contacting Your Upline

Many of you are lucky enough to know Bart Dangerfield as that ever helpful voice from our webinars. Bart is a virtual wealth of information and tips on how to be successful with GDI, not to mention the fact he gets to hear new tips in every single webinar.

To offer even more to our GDI users, Bart was kind enough to share his advice with us for where to turn when you need help. You can look forward to more tips on this topic and many others in the future. Read on for Bart’s advice.

“I need help … where do I turn?” Many times, a new GDI Affiliate can be confused about where to get help, especially when getting started. Since GDI’s product offering can be used in so many different ways, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to start.

Regardless of the business model or “system” that initially attracted you to GDI, there are 4 powerful resources that every GDI Affiliate should turn to for help:

1.         Contact your immediate upline

2.         Use the products

3.         Explore your Members Area

4.         Get on GDI’s weekly webinars

Today, we will focus on Contacting Your Upline.

Chances are, when you joined GDI, you did so because you were attracted by the system and approach being offered by a specific GDI affiliate. Therefore, your first stop for help in getting started with or being successful using that system should be the individuals who introduced you to it.

If you don’t know how to contact this individual, just log into your GDI Member’s Area and select the “Upline” menu option. If you have trouble getting with your direct sponsor, work your way up the list as far as you go until you get the help you need!

Also always there to help you is GDI’s top-notch Support department that is available to answer your questions by phone or email. You will be surprised at the depth of knowledge they can bring, not only to help you understand your product or working in the Member’s Area, but also tips about building your business and sharing the GDI opportunity with others.

Contact them simply by clicking on the “Request Support” link from within your GDI Member’s Area.