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A Quick “How To” for Two Important Features in the Members Area

The SiteBuilder Quick Start Program

After you have started an account with GDI, we want you to get your benefits and get started as soon as possible. Too often, people sign up and don’t start using their domain as soon as they can. Many people may simply forget to set up their website at their new .ws domain or believe it’s going to take too much time. To ease this problem, GDI has begun a new Quick Start Program to remind and to help new people get their new site started faster than ever. This will get your new people to be using their domain quickly.

How It Works

After 48 hours of signing someone up, the GDI team will check to see if SiteBuilder is set up or not and then offer more assistance based on the following qualifications.

GDI will move forward in helping you with the Quick Start Program, if you:

  1. DO NOT have site builder set as their domain, and there is no existing page
    1. We will not make any changes to your site or send emails  if you have a replicated site or WordPress set up as your site
  2. If you DO NOT have SiteBuilder set and no site set up, GDI will send a “Get online in 30 seconds!” email. All that needs to be done to get a site online at this point it to click on the link and upload a your photo and enter your first name. You’re done. This basic site will also include the guestbook feature.
    1. GDI respects your privacy and WILL NOT automatically put your phone and email on your site.
  3. Once your simple site is live, you will  be instructed to check your email for information on how to  to tell you friends about your new site and ways to share your new domain online and direct people to the website

Now in just 30 seconds anyone can have their .ws site online. This is of course just the first steps to get people going, we hope you will revisit the members area to build and edit your site to create the best experience for you and your visitors!

Google Translate Feature:

To assist our worldwise users and members, GDI has installed Google Translate into the members area. Google Translate simply takes the text of your members area and translates it to the language you set for ease of use. The addition of Google Translate allows you to view your members area in up for 53 language. You are also given the opportunity to change your language permanently, so you don’t need to adjust your members area every time you log in. Be aware that some graphics will not be translate as Google Translate only recognizes text.