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Generating Leads: Two Ways

As a GDI affiliate, you know that new business and new sign ups don’t usually happen just out of the blue. Leads are very important to signing up new team members and generating business. So, how do you get leads? One way is to win our GDI Premium Lottery where each day 3 Premium members are randomly selected and win new trial sign ups who do not yet have an affiliate sponsor. You can also purchase leads through GDI (and receive 10% off if you are a Premium member). But of course, you can always generate leads yourself, which many of you do every day with your custom built site or replicated site. Read on for two specific ways to generate your own leads online.

Your Website and Contact Form

Adding a contact form to your site is a simple way to generate leads. People can easily input their information that will go directly to your email, allowing you to follow up with anyone who has reached out to you through your site. Simple ways to get people to fill out contact forms are asking them if they would like to learn more or to leave any questions. Get creative with your contact form but don’t overstep your bounds.

Free Education and Reports

This is something you may have seen on many websites and not thought twice about it. But free reports, information, and education that you have to sign up for are usually lead generating tools for these sites. So take advantage of it for yourself. Create a small breakdown of what you have learned working with GDI and how others can benefit and offer that as a free report to anyone who requests it. You will be getting contact information from the requester and helping them to get started. Any bit of education you can offer can count as a free report, so start creating them and sharing them with your new leads!