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Manage Your Time and Your Future

The website LifeHacker recently posted on a concept that can be very helpful to managing your time and increasing productivity, the concept is: the focus and ignore lists. The website explains that these two lists can help you narrow down what you should spend your time on each and every day. Read the excerpt below, answer the questions and make your own focus and ignore lists to better manage your time and grow your business.


 List 1: Your Focus List (the road ahead)

What are you trying to achieve? What makes you happy? What’s important to you? Design your time around those things. Because time is your one limited resource and no matter how hard you try you can’t work 25/8.

 List 2: Your Ignore List (the distractions)

To succeed in using your time wisely, you have to ask the equally important but often avoided complementary questions: what are you willing not to achieve? What doesn’t make you happy? What’s not important to you? What gets in the way?


Have you created these lists before? What is your biggest focus each day? What do you work hard to ignore?

The Importance of Focus

Part of what draws many people to GDI and any affiliate marketing opportunity is that entrepreneurial spirit. It is the desire to create something of your own and be your own boss. But what also comes with this is a desire to try things and quickly move onto the next or be involved with one too many projects without giving the full dedication that is needed to succeed. Focus is an important part of success, if you can’t focus on your business and your plans for success it difficult to move forward.

Build a Basic Connection

Your most important connection when starting out with GDI is your upline. It is important to build a relationship with your upline even before you sign up. Your upline is the person who should have the answers and assistance there for you whenever you need it. Your upline is someone who is more experienced than you with GDI and you want to make sure you have good open lines of communication with them. Pepper them with questions before you sign up, send them emails and ask them about their own successes and struggles before you join their time. If you have already joined with an upline, it’s not too late. Take the time to reach out to your upline and ask for help at any time. To find your upline simple navigate to your Members Area>Upline.

Focus Your Attention on One Opportunity at a Time

First and foremost, if you are discouraged with your slow progress with GDI, take a second to look at how much time you are devoting to it. While GDI offers a business model that can do the work for you, your work is still needed. If you’ve signed up and walked away from your computer waiting for the money to roll in, this is your first problem. Many successful affiliates will tell you that GDI gives you the tools to succeed, but you need to use them!

Secondly, if you’re involved in several affiliate programs, this could be another reason for your slowed progress. Giving multiple opportunities some of your attention will not pay off in the same way that giving one opportunity (like GDI) your full attention will. Also take the time to focus your goals and plans for success for GDI. Make a plan for what you would like to achieve with GDI and follow it, don’t get distracted with each new marketing strategy. Focus on what works for you.