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GDI Bonuses: The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is where you can find some of GDI’s top performers each week. Those who make the Leader Board get recognition, credibility and of course a bonus. Do you want to make the Leader Board? Here’s how:


The Leaderboards are made up of people in the lead for the current weekly bonus contest. For every five new accounts signed up by an affiliate during the indicated date range, these leaders potentially receive $100. But, this is to be used as a guide to see how top affiliates are performing. The amounts shown are not guaranteed. These Leaderboards are updated in real-time, so expect to see the amounts change. Only new signups that convert to paying customers on our first charge attempt on their 7th day when their free trial ends will be counted towards bonuses.

What this all means is that for you to make the Leaderboard and collect your bonus, you must sign up five new accounts during a one week date range. These accounts must convert to paying customers. For each five new accounts you sign up, you are eligible for a $100 bonus.