Jul 302015

Facebook Groups for Network Building

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool with many features to help you succeed. While most marketing is done in the form of a simple post or image, Facebook events, pages, and lists can help you to market and connect more effectively. Learn how to use Facebook groups for Network Building and building your business.

Facebook Events

Facebook events are an easy way to connect with and grow your network, while demonstrating the strength of relationships. Facebook Events don’t have to be for an in-person event, they can be for a Skype session, a conference call, or even just a brainstorm session on Facebook. To create an event, find “Create Event” listed under Events on the left hand side navigation in Facebook. As you build your event, you can add the important details like date, time and location, but there is one other feature to pay special attention to: Privacy.

At first glance, this seems like a simple tool to decide who to invite, but the privacy settings are key to your marketing. The options for privacy are public, open invite, guests and friends, or invite only. Choose your privacy option based on how you want to market your event.

If you want as many people as possible to join your event, choose Public. Just know with this option that people you do not know now have information about your event and may attend. If you’d like to spread the word about your event though people you’ve already invited, choose Open Invite. This option allows all friends of a guest to see the event information and any guest with an invite from you to then invite an unlimited number of their friends to attend. If you’d like to keep your event even smaller, but leave the option open for more guests, choose Friends and Guests. This means that only those invited to the party will see the event information, but those invitees do have the option to invite their friends. Lastly, Invite Only is a good option for a conference call with your downline or any event that you would prefer is a small private group. Only those who are invited will see event information and those invitees do not have the option to invite anyone else.

Facebook Lists

Lots of people have more friends than they can keep track of on Facebook. And because of Facebook’s algorithm, this means you may be missing important posts from people in your network. To ensure you see posts from team members, your upline, and potential prospects, take advantage of Facebook lists. These lists give preference to what shows up in your Facebook feed, but also let you see all the members of a list with one click of the mouse. To create a list, navigate to Friends and select More in the left hand navigation on Facebook. You may notice Facebook has already created a few lists for you based on commonalities of people on your friends list. To create your own curated list, choose Create List, name your, list and then begin typing the names of people you would like to include in this list. To access the list when you’re done, simply go to the same Friends area and your list should appear.

Facebook Groups

Though not as popular as they once were, Facebook Groups are a powerful tool. Much like Lists, Groups allow you to connect with people who matter most to you. Consider creating a Facebook group for your team, business, or people interested in your business. To launch your own group, navigate to Groups on the left hand side navigation and choose, Create Groups. You will now have the option to set your group as Open, Closed, or Secret. Open groups mean anyone can join, closed groups mean you can send invites and people can request to join them, and secret groups means no one can join unless the person who created the group invites them. Consider creating a private group for your downline or a public group for people interested in your business. Groups allow for better visibility because, like lists, when you add a group, it will appear in the left hand navigation with its own icon.


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Jul 232015

affiliate website

Congratulations on buying your domain and taking the time to set up your website! Now what? A great website is wasted if you don’t use it right. Read on for what to do now that your affiliate website is ready for business.

Let People Know

Now is a great time to follow up with everyone you told about your new website. Maybe you told friends you were working on it, or have been putting off customers waiting for your new site to be ready. Now is the time to reach out! Send a personal email to everyone who has been waiting for your website and direct them to it. If this site is an update to previous website, go through your old mailing list to let past customers know of your new address. Lastly, share your big news and links to your site on social media. This is a great way to hit a large audience at once and find some new visitors to your page.

Find New Customers

One way to find new customers with a new website is by ensuring your content has good SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to using the right keywords and phrases to drive traffic to your site and earn higher rankings with search engines. Identify several keywords and keyword phrases that apply to your business. Next use a tool like KeywordTool.io to idenify which of these phrases and words are more powerful in driving traffic. Then use these keywords throughout your website to ensure they are picked up by search engines.

Keep Content Consistent

You’ve no doubt put a lot of effort into creating just the right content for your website, but don’t let that content get stale. To keep visitors coming back, keep content updated frequently. One easy way to do that is to add a blog. With a blog, you can share updates frequently without having to edit your entire website. A blog can demonstrate to your visitors that your website is managed well and that you are available should someone need to reach out. Also make sure business information like address and hours are always up to date. The best way to get and keep customers and traffic is to share the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Plan for Updates

Just like you need to keep your content fresh, you need to keep your website design looking fresh too. Make updates to your website design as needed. If you find people aren’t clicking the “Contact Us” button as frequently as you hope, perhaps move it to a more prominent place. Invite feedback from your customers and friends on your website design and makes changes accordingly to make site visits as effective as possible. Last, try to look at your site through new eyes every few months. Is there something that needs to be changed? Is the design serving its purpose. Remember, once your website is complete, the work has just begun!


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Jul 162015

Social Media Promotion


Social media marketing has become one of the most effective tactics for businesses to reach, educate, and engage with their target market. The strategy behind social media efforts for businesses is extremely important in getting the ROI and bottom line results you are looking for from this marketing method. The following list indicates some “dos” and “don’ts” of social media promotion in order to increase your success rate.

Don’t Link Bait.

What is link baiting? It’s using a misleading title or information to get someone to click on a link. An example of this might be someone saying “Become a millionaire” and linking to their GDI site. This information is false and used to get someone to click. Be truthful in all the links you share and try to be descriptive and concise with the text you use surrounding a link.

Don’t Promote at the Wrong Time.

Where in the country are your customers, downline, team members? Try to time posts to when they might be awake, online ready to click. You can also use trial and error to identify the best time to post your content. If your post isn’t getting any traction, keep trying new time slots until you find you get the most clicks. Try to keep your posts to that time of day to ensure the most people see your content. If you manage your Facebook presence using a page, you can look in your Insights to see when your fans are online. You can also use Twitter Analytics, which is available to all users, to see what time your tweets get the most interaction.

Don’t Post Too Often.

You’ve seen this before: one user who fills up your Twitter or Facebook feed with a series of posts. Often times, this is a sure way for that person to get you to unfollow or unlike their page. Don’t do this. While posting multiple times in a day is OK for most networks, try not to post back to back. People may unfollow you if you clog up their feed or just assume you’re a bot.

Don’t Post Too Infrequently.

While you shouldn’t post too often, not posting enough is also an issue. People may find your Facebook or Twitter profile while searching for information on you or your business, if they click on your profile and see that you’ve haven’t posted in a few weeks, they may think you are no longer active. Try to post at least once a week so it’s obvious to those who find your page that your are active and responsive.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin.

There are many social networks out there. In fact, it seems like there is a new network debuting each day. You don’t have to be on all of these networks. Find which networks you like the best and where your customers spend their time. These are the networks that will give you the best return on your time.

Do Be Yourself.  

While you want to put your best self forward while promoting on social media, you do not need to create a whole new persona. People can hide behind fake profile photos and names, don’t do this if you want to build your team and you want customers to trust you. Be genuine online and present your real self when possible. Social media is about relationships and it’s hard to build strong ones when you are pretending to be someone else.

There is seemingly endless opportunity to generate new business via social media promotion efforts for B2B businesses, B2C businesses, and entrepreneurs alike. Make sure you don’t miss out on success by following the social media promotion tips listed above.


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