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The GDI Tutorials are videos that will help you learn to do everything from setting up your WordPress blog to checking your .ws email. Tutorials can be found here and are sorted by category with new videos added frequently, so check back often and give us suggestions!


The Affiliates section of your Member’s Area is where you will most of what you need for your day to day activities with GDI. You can check out the Leaderboards to see who is on it and who has been in the past, and check for your own name. Under Order Goodies you can place orders for things like GDI DVDs and business card and then track your order in the Track Orders section of Affiliates. Click on the Invite link when you want to enter or import emails and have GDI automatically send emails linking people to your site and GDI opportunity. Your Upline and Downline links allow you to see just that as well as their contact information if you need it. My Replicated Sites is where you can see all the replicated sites that GDI offers you to chose from and select as you wish if you are using a replicated site.Live Chat! to chat with your upline or downline or start a group chat through GDI. The Banners section showcases and shares the code for GDI’s banners that you can add to any site to link to your own sponsor page. Hit Logs tracks the number of visitors to your affiliate page and can be sorted week by week. The Commissions area is where you will find the status and history of your commissions breaking it down by amount, date and when the check was sent. Lastly, the GDI Forum link will take you to our forum where you can connect with other affiliates, post and read past posts. It can also be accessed at www.


The Domains part of your Member’s Area is where you can decide to Build Your Site with SiteBuilder. Take the time create your .ws email account in the Set Up Your Email and then check out the Plugins area. In Plugins you can activate your WordPress blog, photo gallery, forum or Drupal.

Account Info

The Account Info area is important to keep up to date. It allows you to set preferences for payment and commissions as well as change passwords, your username and your language selection. Take a look into your Account Info and make sure everything is set up how you like it.


The Documentation area is also very important to keep up to date. Here you can update and and change account information and see current invoices You can also see what documentation GDI might still need from you to ensure you can receive commissions as you earn them. Navigate to your Documentation area to make sure you’re properly set up!

So get familiar with your Member’s Area today and try out our tools while making sure all your information is up to date!

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