10 Marketing Ideas for 2014

  1. Add images. Images help to get your social media posts shared and spread your influence.marketing
  2. Try hashtags. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and more. Use them to connect with others posting about similar interests.
  3. Use the Marketing Kit. We have marketing materials ready to be personalized right in your Members Area. Print and share.
  4. Connect offline. Don’t forget the power of in-person marketing. Attend business meet ups in your area.
  5. Find your network. Identify who you want to be marketing too. This will be your network.
  6. Join or create a team. GDI’s Team Bonus encourages affiliates to support one another. Take part.
  7. Learn everything you can. The more you know, the easier it is to market. You’ll be ready to answer any question that comes your way.
  8. Promote your website. Add your web address to email signatures, business cards, phone contact cards and more.
  9. Brand yourself. Create a unified brand look for your website, social sites and marketing materials.
  10. Position your business. Know what your business can do for others and presents these values front and foremost.

6 thoughts on “10 Marketing Ideas for 2014”

  1. Wanted to as if I use to belong to GDI and I never cancel it I just quit paying my monthly fee does my website still exist or do I start all over. hope this was the right place to ask this, can you let me know.

  2. This is a great, concise list!

    I know I am focusing more on #1 (with fun things like bitstrips and memes, actually) as well as #2, #7, #9, #10.

    I’ve also learned a lot about a “#11” that isn’t listed there, which is growing and serving an email subscriber’s list. I am taking steps to better serve existing and future GDI affiliates in that way.

    Keith Bless
    Happy Valley, PA

    1. We love #1 too, adding images is so easy and appealing to your audience. Great #11, we’ll do more research into it and share how others can benefit. Thanks, Keith!

  3. What some great information I have had a GDi account for almost a year now and my sponsor for some ungodly reason did not want us to share this opportunity with anyone, Not sure as to what his motive was, well anyways I did start a new account and have started to monetize this one from day one with the fast start bonus WOW $25 already!!

    Thanks for the sharing.. Chjery :))

  4. I have joined Gdi and I’m still in process of finishing up my learning courses. I had forwarded my domain to other site. So how should I advertise my .ws? Do I need another domain name that is belong for GDI site only or what? I already set up my blog, set up others but still stock set up ws email, joining team. I did set up my ws email but they did not check mark the column. I wanted to join a team but don’t know which one. My upline seems quiet. I think they only signed up for domain name and forwarded in different sites. Any help would be appreciated… Oh website is http://www.website.ws/weeklycash4momof8

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