Why Aren’t I Making Money Yet?

One question we get from new affiliates is, “Why aren’t I making any money.” This often comes within the first few weeks of joining as an affiliate and is nothing to worry about. Becoming a GDI affiliate is your first step in building your own business. As such it may take a little time as you learn what you’re doing before you make money. GDI knows if can be discouraging if you aren’t earning Income for Life as quickly as you’d like. Here are two ways you can work to earn income right away as a new affiliate.


This is the main way affiliates can earn income. When you sign up for GDI, you are essentially signing up for two things. You have agreed to sign up with a sponsor, or if you registered without a sponsor, one will be assigned to you. When you sign up with a sponsor, you become part of their team or downline. When you sign up people below you, they become a part of your team or downline. For each person you sign to your downline you are paid out $1 per month per person in your downline. So it’s up to you to get downline signups and ensure they convert to active affiliates. Signups that just stay on for the trial and leave do not count towards your downline or commissions.

Learning Bonus

The Learning Bonus is a reward for taking the first steps to being successful with GDI. It’s a $25 bonus that affiliates can earn within their first two months with GDI. This is a great way to learn more about GDI and earn income easily within your first weeks with GDI. The steps are achievable and a step by step list can be found in your Members Area when eligible.


2 thoughts on “Why Aren’t I Making Money Yet?”

  1. The learning bonus wasn’t around when I first set up my account long, long ago, BUT:

    For any new people reading this, I’d encourage them to use that learning bonus criteria as a road map to get comfortable with what GDI has to offer.

    Basically: Earning The Learning Bonus = Getting to Know GDI

    1. Totally, Keith and that’s the whole point. The more new affiliates understand GDI, the better for everyone.

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