Seven Ways to Share GDI


  1. Social media. Share links to your website in tweets, Facebook posts and more.
  2. In person. Utilize networking events to tell people about the opportunity.
  3. With you marketing Kit. Print out Marketing Kit items from the Members Area and share them.
  4. With the Inviter. Input the emails and send multiple invitations at once.
  5. Video. Create videos and share them online telling everyone more about your site.
  6. In your community. Think of who you interact with each day, could they make more money?
  7. Your WebSite. Whether it’s a Replicated Site or a site you’ve created all your own use it to share GDI!

3 thoughts on “Seven Ways to Share GDI”

  1. I also like fan pages, fan gates, and coupons. People will like and share them with their friends. It’s a GREAT way to use the social networking sites. Thanks for the tips!

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