Jul 162013

Quickly learn how to use GDI’s power Inviter tool and how you can utilize it to build your business. This tutorial is for the Inviter offered in the Basic Affiliate program. This tool allows you to direct people to a website complete with a sign up link to learn more about your opportunity.

GDIs Inviter by GDITutorialVideos

  6 Responses to “Video Tutorial: GDI’s Inviter”

  1. Listen up GDI affiliates! Use the tools inside your back office! They work “IF” you work them!

  2. Great also posted this in my website and serve as tutorial ^_^.. Thanks for the Video..

  3. Hi I just started Feb 2013 with a team of 59 persons ,we here in Mauritius we opt to the PREMIUM package and just viewed the video and notice that there is a video on premium on Inviter.This will help our team a lot because we have to do a lot of Follow up and to convince our prospects to Sign to Premium.So I shall be grateful if you can add it on the invites replicate site or if it exists please show us where
    Sunil Deepun

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